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Center for Living Things

October 17 - November 16, 2019

In 2016, the Polish artist and activist Diana Lelonek founded the "Center for Living Things". The project is conceived as a living and ever-growing archive of human waste. It is an ongoing research project into human overproduction, our levels of consumption and the ecosystem. Diana Lelonek collects everyday objects at illegal waste disposal sites, which are abundant in Poland and all over Europe: old clothes and shoes, plastic boxes, insulation material and diving goggles, which are covered in mosses and plants and have now become the new natural environment for many living organisms. These items are neither animate nor inanimate, they constitute a new species in-between, "Living Things", not foreseen by nature. The "Center for Living Things" collects, researches, cultivates and classifies these objects and is particularly interested in gaining knowledge that can be transferred to our own view on nature and the way we interact with nature.

Diana Lelonek has been the guest artist in residence at Atelier Mondial in Basel-Dreispitz from mid-September to mid-November 2019.

The exhibition was organised in cooperation with Culturescapes and has been curated by Kateryna Botanova.