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MAY 2, 2020









Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, normal life has been shattered. We want to stay in touch with our artists and keep communicating with them and about them. That's the reason bürobasel launched the "Two Questions"-series, asking our artists two straight-forward questions, having started with Mark Dion, now Matthias Dornfeld being the next. 

1. Where are you?

Hello !  I am in the countryside outside Berlin , trying to work in a new space.  Thanks to corona now is the time to get used to the new. 

It is an old farm, barn and stables. 

I still have to  fix some stuff in the studio and house, plaster a  wall,  cut wood for the oven, build a table, fix some bird boxes, etc. 

Studio work is a little difficult, trying to find my rhythm, not being alone here, which I’m not used to, is unusual, but it’s a good challenge. 

Not sure if the shows which were planned for this year will take place, rather unlikely.

Uncertainty - a challenge.

What makes more sense than to continue my work ?    Maybe nothing … ?   probably nothing !  :) 

The virus makes everything more intense, the bad stuff and the good, and even brings out new things. 

It’s springtime out here - it looks like a perfect world - weird


2. What are you currently working on?

Well I’m working on a series of new paintings - lets see what will arise - no special subject - like most of the time, I try to to find my zero point, getting  some sort of inner focus, slowing down, that’s not easy for me, the monkey mind is sometimes too noisy. 

There are lot of different materials out here, a lot of different impressions. I am the same : am I the same ? 

Let’s see whats going to happen in these unexpected strange days, week, months …. times.

A challenge - 


Thank you 

matthias d .jpeg

Matthias Dornfeld in Päwesin, Brandenburg

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